Episode 6

Ifeoma I. Idigbe: Founder boys to MEN Foundation

Africa has the highest concentration of female entrepreneurs, accounting for almost a third of all businesses on the continent. It’s safe to say we are a continent of strong women! That said, women continue to face enormous institutional and systematic challenges as well as gender violence. Women seem disadvantaged from the jump.

In addressing these issue, the burden had rested disproportionately on women. What role do men have to play? The ability to shift entitlement and using privilege for good required intentionality. We discuss these in my upcoming podcast interview with Mrs. Ifeoma I. Idigbe.

Mrs. Ifeoma I. Idigbe is a business analyst/consultant (Finance and Human Resource Management) whose educational background includes a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters in Human Resource Management (MA HRM). Her professional career started in banking, in corporate finance and development finance (now called SME financing) at International Merchant Bank Limited (IMB). Her career has spanned banking and finance, business restructuring, advisory services and capacity building, working with local and international organizations. Her current focus is on providing financial and business advisory services to indigenous companies to ensure they develop operating systems and practices that will provide the necessary financial and organizational stability to guarantee their future.

Ifeoma is passionate about developing people. She is on the Boards of youth and gender based organizations as a founding Trustee (Ovie Brume Foundation, Women in Management, Business and Public Service WimBiz and is a past Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WimBiz). She is the Founder & Executive Vice Chairman of boys to MEN Foundation, a Nigerian based non-governmental organization dedicated to ensuring that men become their best selves, and so positively impact the communities in which they live.

Ifeoma’s African Business Story is one dedicated to a changed world. One where roles are defined by need and circumstance as opposed to gender.

Hosts & Guests

Akaego Okoye

Ifeoma I. Idigbe
Founder boys to MEN Foundation

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