Episode 1

Ndidi Nwuneli: Co-Founder, Sahel Consulting

This interview was done prior to the COVID-19 global shutdown. Ndidi’s story of resilience and grit remains inspiring in these uncertain times. She continues to use her voice and expertise to support businesses and communities on the Continent. You can read an op-ed she wrote recently here.


About Ndidi Nwuneli

In 2000 and at 25, Ndidi became the first CEO of FATE Foundation. In 2002, Ndidi set up LEAP Africa (Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism) to address the leadership gap in Africa by facilitating value based leadership programs for youth, entrepreneurs and teachers. In 2009, she co-founded AACE Food Processing & Distribution, a for profit company dedicated to fighting malnutrition and reduce post-harvest losses in Africa and in 2010 co-founded Sahel Consulting to focus on agriculture specific consulting engagements and ecosystem solutions.

More recently, Ndidi has been involved in the establishment of: Nourishing Africa – A tech platform for agripreneurs in Africa to accelerate their work, connect with funders, market, talent, and celebrate their successes on the Continent; and Center for Memories that aims to preserve and promote Igbo culture and values.

Ndidi’s African Business Story is about a life dedicated to creating change agents in her communities and ensuring Africa can feed itself.


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Akaego Okoye

Ndidi Nwuneli: Co-Founder, Sahel Consulting

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