A Father’s Day Special Series:

Lessons and Legacy with Dr. Henry Musoma

This episode is part of a special series celebrating Father’s Day.

For the series I interviewed some friends and mentors. I asked them to reflect on the greatest lessons that shaped the men they have become and also to reflect on how these lessons have influenced them as parents.

About my Guest:
Henry Kasonde Musoma’s roots are in Zambia, Southern Africa. He spread his wings as a young adult, moving to the United States, to work on his higher education.

Dr. Musoma has dedicated his professional career to education. Serving as an educator in a traditional collegiate classroom and beyond the classroom through speaking at events and facilitating trainings for a variety of organizations. He believes education is a transformational experience.

Henry teaches and lives his life to serve and his actions reflect this by how he treats the people in his life, whether it is a life-long relationship or the person in line at the grocery store. Henry believes and lives kindness, compassion and honesty. He has been called the Professor of Kindness.

Hosts & Guests

Akaego Okoye

Dr. Henry Musoma
Texas Christian University

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