Episode 13

Flora Mutahi: Founder & CEO Melvin Marsh International – Creating a Niche in the Kenyan Tea Market

Flora Mutahi is the Founder & CEO of Melvin March International owners of Kenya’s largest flavored tea brand. In 1995, Flora heard about the planned deregulation of the tea industry in Kenya. She saw this as an opportunity and with very little industry knowledge and resources, she decided to go into the tea business. While enjoying a cup of tea one day, she had a light bulb moment and discovered a gap in the market. This led her to create Kenya’s first flavored tea brand – Melvins Teas. Today, the product range has expanded to include not only flavored teas but herbal and fruit infusions.

Flora has extensive local and international experience in strategic leadership, business development, market penetration and marketing. She also has interests in real estate. While she was at the helm of Kenya Association of Manufactures she spearheaded a new chapter for Women In manufacturing (WIM) aimed at encouraging more women to join the industrial sector. She is currently chairperson of WIM. She has also begun a mentorship program for young women in the manufacturing space under Melvin Marsh International Ltd.

She holds an MBA from University of Cape Town and an B.Sc. in Finance and accounts (UK). Flora sits on several boards: Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Agency – Chairperson; Kenya Private Sector Alliance – Board Member; UN Global Compact – Kenya Board Member; UN Global Compact New York – Board Member; SBM Bank – Board Member. She has won several awards for her business and on a personal level during her entrepreneurial journey.

Floria’s African Business story is one of passion and drive. She is passionately building a world class company and at the same time passionately training and mentoring young entrepreneurs across East Africa.

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Flora Mutahi: Founder & CEO Melvin Marsh International

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