Episode 11

Amal Hassan: Founder & CEO, Outsource Global – A Techpreneur’s Story of Failing Forward in Business

Amal Hassan is the Founder and CEO of Outsource Global. A leading business process outsourcing company based in Nigeria and serving countries in Africa, the United States, UK and Japan. Her passion to unlock Nigeria’s development potential through technology-driven innovation and value addition led her to build, capitalize and restructure a series of technology-related businesses that succeed in developing talents and creating employment for young Nigerians.

Over an 8 year period she tried 4 times to start a business processing company in Nigeria, a country not known to be an outsourcing destination. She beat all the odds and today Outsource Global with a staff of over 800 and 3 locations has established Nigeria as a business outsourcing destination on par with India and the Philippines.

Amal’s entrepreneurial prowess and business acumen continue to set her apart as a highly regarded emerging business leader in Nigeria. In 2018, Amal was named one of the 16 women business leaders by Fortune-US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership. She has also been recognized as one of Nigeria’s star by the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria for her outstanding impact to nation-building. Widely regarded as a role model for the girl-child and women especially in northern Nigeria, she has continued to mentor young leaders across her industry.

Amal’s African Business Story is one dedicated to creating job, empowering her community and contributing to the economic development of her home country Nigeria.

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Akaego Okoye

Amal Hassan: Founder & CEO, Outsource Global

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