A Father’s Day Special Series:

Lessons & Legacy with Gori Olusina Daniel

This episode is part of a special series celebrating Father’s Day.

For the series I interviewed some friends and mentors. I asked them to reflect on the greatest lessons that shaped the men they have become and also to reflect on how these lessons have influenced them as parents.

About my Guest:
Gori is the MD/Chief Investment Officer at Ascension Asset Management – a private equity firm with investments in UK commercial and residential real estate.

He’s a Private Sector Infrastructure Financing Specialist with over 15 years experience in commercial and financial due diligence, policy and contract management, PPP/PFI policy, capacity building and transaction advisory services, and private sector development policy and advisory services.

In 2007, he was a member of the team that helped raise £80bn for transport improvements in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic games.


Hosts & Guests

Akaego Okoye

Gori Olusina Daniel
MD/Chief Investment Officer Ascension Asset Management

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